Hi 4th and 5th Grade REACHKATEERS,

This space will be used for diplomatic discussion relating to the World Peace Game. You will be able to post economic, military, trade, social, environmental proposals etc. for your classmates to read and respond to as they have time. It is important that you are very clear in your explanations because those that you are writing to will only be available for you to ask clarifying questions of during game time.

I will monitor this discussion, so make sure that you keep on task and use appropriate language. Remember, no funny stuff on here; save that for texting, e-mail and in the hallway at school! :) Also, we are attempting to learn in this site, so please refrain from text message language on here (LOL, OMG, etc). You are playing the part of World Leaders, so you need to reflect respect and professonalism in your posts.

Best Regards,
Mr. Trygar

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